Current Freebies

July 26, 2010

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Remember that the majority of the things they offer for download for a limited time are actually always available online. That’s how they get them. If I don’t search and find something you are interested in, try a google search yourself and see if you can find it. Some are easier than others.

Monday: Tack’s Cartoon Drawing Tips You can see the whole book here online, but it’s not to download.

Tuesday: Art and Craft Project lesson plans  — this is too general a title to search–you can take a look at what it is on Tuesday and search for it then

Wednesday: The History of Rome in Easy Lessons — this doesn’t appear to be online for download, get today when you can

Thursday: The Good Scholar’s Easy Lessons in Arithmetic this link will take you to where you can see the book before you  download–the download (pdf) button is in the upper right corner.  This is always available. No need to get it today unless you need it.

Friday:  Can’t help you here, a video treasury

Currclick:  a lapbook for part of the Exodus story

Simple Schooling should have a new freebie up today, but it’s 10PM my time and I’m off for the night. Use the link to see what it is.


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