Current Freebies

July 8, 2010

Sorry this is so late in the week. Get these before next Monday. Our internet wouldn’t let me get into this site. I finally contacted our provider today and they were able to fix whatever to let me back in. Here are two things for you.

At Currclick:  Learning Across America This is just a sampler. It has a page for Arizona, Florida and Washington. There’s a page to fill in the info and there is an info page for each as well.

Simple Schooling  has a Cloud Download.  This is a 14 page download. It is mostly information on the types of clouds and the water cycle. There is a worksheet activity for each and a link to an experiment, make a cloud in a jar.


2 Responses to “Current Freebies”

  1. Rhoda Says:

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your imput and all the freebies you alert us/me to. I have found your site refreshing, informative, and helpful in my quest to school my children. Thank you.

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