Current Freebies

June 28, 2010

I found a new weekly freebie site. If you know of any that have the kind of stuff I link to on here, please let me know.

Here’s two printable studies on the American Revolution. There are two: one for younger and one for older students. It basically is info and pictures. The younger one has coloring pages. The older one has questions to answer and links to find the answers as well as some video links. This is from the Simple Schooling Classroom. There is a weekly give away of a unit. It costs money though to join the site and access everything.

Currclick — OHC  Amphibians unit The preview wasn’t working for me, but it looks like a huge download.

This one isn’t this week only, but it’s a huge download of 300 math worksheets. I couldn’t figure out how to download just one worksheet at a time, but I wasn’t very patient about looking around. You sign up for the free download by email, and then you have to unsubscribe if you don’t want the once a month math newsletter. Here’s the website:  MathMammoth This is a sample of their worksheets. They are selling math curriculum.


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