Currclick’s Freebie and My Confession

June 14, 2010

Here is the link to Currclick’s Freebie this week. It’s about constellations.  We happen to be studying space, so I’m going to go ahead and get this one.

Although I’m trying to keep it so we don’t all have to download and bookmark everything and try to hold onto it all somehow and remember it when we need it, I actually today started going through the American History Curriculum and saving everything I could onto a memory stick. I created an Early American History folder and in that folders for the different sections, like Explorers. Even though we have been reading books online, today I downloaded the books listed in the curriculum. I even copy and pasted some things into Word documents from websites, so we would have the info.

We won’t be doing Early American History again for several years, but I started thinking it was a good idea to have someone offline and off our computer everything we would need. Maybe it’s all the talk of cyber attacks or the new bill where the gov’t can take over different aspects of the internet if they deem it “necessary”.

I just wanted to confess, since I have been encouraging people to not download everything until you need it. I’m just going to work slowly on it. As I finish putting together curriculum for the different subjects I will save as much as possible that we used with it. Of course many online activities can’t be saved, but there are many books and lapbooks, etc. that can be saved.

Our move went well. It was wonderful not having to pack since we just carried everything across the hall, but it is still work to organize in the new place. It’s enough bigger from our last place that my husband and I now have a bed! We’ve been sleepy on a sofa bed for the last year and a half. Someone gave us a bed :) Of course, we live the way we do on purpose so we can live among the poor, so I am thankful that a bigger apartment even existed and was available in our same building and just across the hall so we can stay on the bottom floor.


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