Current Freebie and Latest Additions

June 10, 2010

At Currclick there is a shapes preschool download for free this week.

I added several computer science/technology links under Computer on the Extras page. There are a few new things for all ages. There are some new Spanish/Foreign Language and Health links too on that page.

I also added a link under Tests on the General Resource page  for the Texas standardized tests. It appears your kids can do these for free. I haven’t looked into this yet. Check this page out from time to time to see what new thing might be useful to your family.

And of course I’m adding here and there as I find things. I’m just starting to use my Language Arts Curriculum so I’ll be tweaking it as I use it and will probably occasionally replace it with the updated version. Our family is starting earth science now so I’ll be testing out what’s available and will probably make a curriculum list as I’m able.

Today our family is moving–from a 2 room apartment across the hall to a 3-room apartment trying to get a bit more room for our fifth baby due in December.

Have a great day!


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