Current Freebies

April 12, 2010

I’ve decided I’m not going to be posting giveaways here. So if you really want to enter all those contests you can find them elsewhere. I know this blog advertises giveaways

Free DVD: 12 hour series from about the History of the US

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

If you are interested in their Shakespeare thing…on the Ambleside page there are these links in year 1:

***Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare Nesbit  Audio Book

Also, all of those radio shows are online for free if you want to Google them. It may be easiest to search for it directly on Plus all of Shakespeare plays are online for reading and listening. There are also several places where there are guides to them. There are Cliffs Notes of course. Spark Notes has a side by side modern translation of the plays. The Ambleside curriculum uses Shakespeare from a young age so you can also go to their website and read about it from their perspective. And of course Google can bring up ideas for introducing Shakespeare to kids. I’m not going to put up a big Shakespeare for kids section on here, but it is all free out there if you want it.

Monday’s Resource: Physics Experiments That You Can Do at Home an ebook

This link will remain on the site on the Physics page. You don’t need to download it today if you don’t need it :)

Tuesday: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

They have two audio stories about this famous ride and a listening guide. On this blog — Ambleside page, year 4, literature — you can find the Longfellow poem and an audio version of it.

Wednesday: The Sinking of the Titanic ebook

Again they aren’t giving me enough clues in the heads-up email to know the specific ebook they are talking about. With google I have not found a free ebook with first-hand accounts so if you want this, get it now. Here is one first-hand account that I will keep on this blog on the world history page.

Thursday: The Honest Food Guide This will probably remain on the Extras page in the Health section. Although this is the “honest” food guide. I would still take it with a grain of salt, oh wait, that would increase my sodium intake :)  Actually, I’m only saying that because it lists no meat on the “health” side. God gave us meat. Actually I read a study once of a nomadic tribe that herded cattle and their diet was just red meat and full-fat milk, and they all had low cholesterol until they moved into the city and started eating processed foods. Just saying…This day they will also have an ebook about ADHD which will not be put up on here.

Friday: The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments This link will remain on the site on the Chemistry page. You can read online or download it anytime.

Currclick’s Freebie is a collection of US historical documents.  There is something very similar linked on the “Robinson” page in level 10. And if you are interested in a specific document, they are all online for free. Google it or search it on


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