Current Freebies

April 5, 2010

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Monday: Two Indian Children of Long Ago Taylor  This link will remain on the site on the “Books to Read” page. I will mention it on the American History page so you remember it is there. This is a chapter book about Indian children in the Great Lakes region.

Tuesday: The First Book of Plants Dickinson  This link will be on the Biology page under plants.

Wednesday: (planner for mom)

Thursday: The First Book of Birds Williamson  This link will remain on this site on the Zoology page under birds.

Friday: Peter Wheat Comics and Coloring Book — I’m not going to put this on the site. Here’s a link though to the whole series of comic books if you want them.

Homeschool Creations Curriculum clean-out giveaway — this is a blog carnival. Go and browse the links looking for curriculum that you could use. Leave a comment on that blog. They are to randomly (I think) chose a winner who will get it for free.  This starts on Sunday, April 11th (this coming Sunday). You can go now and read about it.

Heart of the Matter Online Magic School Bus giveaway

Currclick My Favorite Flower learn about spring flowers


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