Did You Realize?

April 2, 2010

I just added a link to the vocabulary section on the English page (and on the senior students page too) , and I thought I would just let you know about it. I wanted to make sure you realize that you can click on “English” and “History” and “Science”. They all have resources on them.

I started out on those pages and as topics grew too big I moved them onto their own page.

The most recently added page is the Government/Economics page. That page is not too big, but the American History page was getting really big.

I’m still adding all the time. Tonight I added a bunch of fun (and educational!) things for elementary school students on the Zoology page, and one book for your older student who wants to become a vet. There’s also a new link on the Preschool page for animals.

I will not usually tell you about new things added because I add too much every day right now. I just wanted to check that you knew how to find the Vocabulary section on the English page.

Goodnight from here!


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