Current Freebies

March 29, 2010

See post below for Currclick Easter Eggs

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Join their mailing list and get a pdf of links to worksheets — actually there are some other  types of links in there too, but it’s all good. I’ve worked to put up some I have found in there on this site. Use the link above to get to their site. And if you sign up they give you an extra freebie each week in an email that’s not on their site.

Monday: Being a Boy Warner  (I’m pretty sure this is the book they will have up. I’ll check later today when they have it up.) This will remain on this site on the “Books to Read and to Listen to” page.

Thursday’s seems interesting, an animated fictional tale of a man who plants a forest. It actually won the Academy Award for short films in 1987.  I will not be putting this up on the site. I thought I would, but I just watched it and don’t think it is something for this site. This is not for young children. I had my kids hold their ears and close their eyes at one point. Also, personally I didn’t like how they elevated man in this story. Yes, he planted the seeds, but only God can grow a forest. It mentions God several times in the story, but not in giving Him the glory. If you want to see it online so you don’t have to download it, you can view it here. ( the short story)

That’s all I know how to find at the moment.

Tuesday is radio dramatizations of Holy Week.

Wednesday is Mother Goose.

Friday’s is a strange, true story from American history mp3. Maybe I can look for that too after I have some more info.


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