CurrClick Easter Eggs

March 24, 2010

On Facebook a couple people told where they found them. I found this an annoying, time-consuming exercise even with the hints, but at least I got one thing I was happy about and a few others I’m interested in.

Try these links to find Easter Eggs (sometimes you have to scroll to the bottom of the page)

free stuff

home page

About  (over on the left of the homepage–ditto with others below)

quickstart guide

contact us

our latest newsletter

featured reviewers  (I clicked on Reviews on the homepage and then it’s in the featured reviewers section at the bottom)

mailing list  (this is at the bottom of the left-hand side bar–thanks Kori)

top 100

Go to my account and click on both links under the notifications section. Also click on the link about products awaiting your review and click on products added since your last download.

contact options  (you have to fill out the contact form and send it and there is an egg there)

On the home page click on all new products

troubleshooting/FAQ (both have eggs but same freebie)

env. statement/mission (both have eggs but same freebie)

wish list/email wish list (both have eggs but same freebie)


2 Responses to “CurrClick Easter Eggs”

  1. Kori Ireland Says:

    for mailing list – on the home page, left side down in the information bar there is a mailing list link :-)

  2. Kori Ireland Says:

    I would also add that you have to add something to your wishlist for it to work. If I just clicked on “my wishlist” – which was empty – it didn’t work. But when I added something to it, I got the edd.

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