Current Freebies

March 22, 2010

Curriculum Giveaway My computer is not letting me access this site, so I haven’t checked it out, but she left a comment on here about it. Giveaway sounds like free stuff to me!

Currclick —  Meet the Tiger for K-2

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Wednesday:  They changed Wednesday’s offer to a G. A. Henty audio book. The book they had originally planned for Wednesday is below. The new offer for Wednesday I was also able to find and it will remain on this site on the “Books to Read and to Listen to” page. I will make a note of this book on the world history page and will look for the book to read as well.

By Pike and Dyke by G.A. Henty

Here is their description of it:

“It is the 1570’s, and the people of the Netherlands live in terror
under the cruel dominion of Spain. Though many long to be free of
Spanish tyranny, efforts at rebellion are failing, and allies are
nowhere to be found. Edward “Ned” Martin, son of an English captain
and a Dutch lady, is thrust into the conflict when he resolves to
help his mother’s people and avenge his murdered relatives. Entering
the service of the revolutionary leader William the Silent, Prince
of Orange, Ned is called upon to carry out dangerous secret missions
deep within occupied territory. Through hairbreadth escapes, fierce
sea fights, terrifying sieges, and daring rescues, Ned becomes
a witness to the inspiring and heartbreaking events of the rise of
the Dutch republic.

The complete 10 hour audiobook version of this classic GA Henty
historical adventure novel is Wednesday’s HomeschoolFreebie at
(They had planned on this book and then changed it. It’s a story of girls getting transported into classic literature.) Girls in Bookland Hawthorne  (This link will appear on the “Books to Read” page.)

Thursday:  Golden Deeds: Picture Stories of Heroes from History — I don’t know yet, if I can find this online. They didn’t list an author with it for me to use in a search. I’ll try and remember to go see on Thursday if I can find it for you to keep on this site.

All the others are resources for you. Check em out.


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