How You Can Help

March 17, 2010

One way to help is by letting me know about broken links. I had one reported and I fixed it right away. Just let me know.

First: Let me point out that I’ve added another page where I’m adding online books. I’m using the book list from the Ambleside free curriculum and putting them up by grade level. I know books are the foundation of what we do so I’m working hard at getting books up. There will be hundreds of top-quality books up by the time I’m done. There are even toddler books online these days!

You can help me by helping with these book pages. I haven’t read them all. The curriculum books are sort of ordered by age/grade level so there’s an idea at least of reading level. But the main page doesn’t have any reading levels listed. I’m just doing it alphabetically. I’m not sure how else to approach it at the moment. I need to know reading levels and topics of books. Do they fit in somewhere in history, science? Have you downloaded a book that you love and would recommend? Let me know.

I’m daily adding links to pages. There is enough out there to solely use the internet for your source of info and resources for homeschooling. Don’t give up. I’ll keep plugging away. If you are seriously considering giving up homeschooling because of cost, please email me (from the About page) and let me help you get what you need to keep going.

Does anyone want more help in organizing your own curriculum? Tonight I got carried away and made up my overview plan for the next school year. I do things like that :)

I have never bought a packaged curriculum. I am using this site daily myself! I have given my daughter free reign to use the book links and she’s having a heyday!

I hope this site is helping people. I know some pages are weak at the moment. I’m working on it. If you have a need, let me know, and I’ll try and get to that part sooner, rather than later.


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